Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bemusement of the Day

Today I decided to get 50 Swedish kronor worth of change (mynt) for use in the parking meters around Malmo.  Sure, I could use SMS instead of change, but not all of the parking meters are so updated. 

I was rather amused when the cashier told me, "Be patient.  This could take some time."  I was bemused until I watched the process.

Apparently the old push-button-to-pop-out-cashier-drawer trick for getting change is defunct.  She had to slip my 50 kronor bill in an automatic bill-receiver, then punch a few buttons on the computer (forget cash register!), until a 10 kronor piece swirled out of the stainless steel apparatus.  Then, she had to put the 10 kronor back into the change sorter, punch a few more buttons, wave her hand over two little sensors so three 10 kronor pieces swirled into the tray.  What was worse was that I also wanted some 5 kronor pieces, which took on more of the same but with a lot more hand-waving magic over the sensors and a much longer wait for four pieces. 

It took 2 minutes to ring up and pay for the items I purchased.  It took about 10 minutes to get change. 

The man who wanted to buy a loaf of bread behind me was nearly beside himself with that feigned patience of Swedes. 

Won't be long, now, before everyone will fairly run to have those marks placed on their foreheads and hands.  It will be so much more CONVENIENT!