Friday, October 7, 2011

Month of the Pumpkin, or We're Turning into Pumpkins!

My kiddo picking out his pumpkin in Bjarred, Sweden.  He keeps asking for pumpkin pie.

Picked myself a lanky veggie--pumpkin colored, too!  What looks like a cigar is actually a carrot top.
Here we are, back in Sweden--waiting--fat and happy, I might add.  We're in a temporary rental that is beyond comfortable. 

The weather has been sunny and warm for two months, now.  Leaves are starting to change and the wind is teasing us that it might come back to live for the next several months.  Oooooo, we shiver, we are very afraid.

We're waiting for temporary residency permission, for our container to arrive, to move in to the house we will be buying in Sweden, for a financial windfall (well, aren't we all), for H. to stop growing (when will THAT be?), for sleek and slender to be our own realizations without having to try, for the Swedish language to dawn on us without any practice or study (though I am being tutored and making strides), for our U.S. house to rent, and for the Lord to reveal to us the next step we are to take.

But waiting is not so bad when you have a house to live in, a car to drive (rental), food to eat (good veggies from the pumpkin patch!), a school for your kiddo, and friends to spend time with. The people who graciously rented to us last winter/spring gave us some furniture, including beds, which we are deeply grateful for!  The only problem with waiting is our inability to predict what customs will be like when our container arrives on the ship, what things will need attention once we move into our house, and why we still don't have residency permission.

We are incredibly indebted to our dear friends and family who helped us accomplish the impossible task of moving out of our house within only two months during summer.  In fact, there are still people helping to maintain things at the U.S. house while we are away until someone rents.  I'm told my favorite plum trees are ready for harvest.  Sigh.

The dream for our time in Sweden that we had when we went home in June has gotten bigger and more amazing.  We've found people to bounce our ideas off of and to whom to be accountable.  We've found that there is so much to do before the dream even begins!  More on this dream, later.

Keep praying for us as you think of us, and we'll do the same for you. 

Time to pick the kiddo up from school.  Let us know how YOU are!