Saturday, June 11, 2011

Waffles at a Seaside Resort! 7 days: Countdown Malmo to Idaho

Tomorrow is another last day.  Last day for waffles.

Of course, there will be other waffle days.  But, you have to understand, Sweden is the land of the Waffle Day!  And we've only had a real, painless, waffle iron since a year and a half ago and it only works in Sweden.  It's a sign of having to move, yet again, that I say it is a last. We will have a batch of waffles for breakfast before we pack up the waffle iron. 

We were able to pack a lot more of our things today, take them to storage, then come back and strap a couch on top of the rental car (definitely not a common sight around these parts), and take it to its new owners.  The new owners served us a lovely tea time with coffee, tea, frozen cake and pie.  It was a hot day, so we especially enjoyed the frozen cake.

Now the apartment looks like a whirlwind went through it.

Last time we had waffles was about a week and a half ago.  We decided to eat them on the upper deck where you can see one little piece of the sea and some of the boat harbor.  Phil put extra cinnamon and extra vanilla in them, and made sure the oven kept them warm until we went up to the cool breeze.  We were amazed how long those waffles stayed warm even after we'd been eating them awhile.

What's more, it was the first time since living in this ritzy place near the sea that it felt like we were living in a seaside resort.  It didn't smell like someone's cigarette, or taxi exhaust, or lighter fluid, or stinky sea grass.  The air smelled of the sea.  We just took in the sun's warmth, the warmth of the delicious waffles and acted like we were enjoying a seaside resort.  Because we were!

We may just eat tomorrow's waffles on the deck again.

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