Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Saying Yes, Saying No! 4 Days (yipes!): countdown Malmo to Idaho

Figuring out what to say "no" to and what to welcome with "yes" in life is no easy task--or character quality, for that matter.  At the end of this day, as well as the past six months, I realize I said, "yes" too often.  In some ways, I was my most efficient this busy day, but too many of the things that filled this day should have been better managed.

For instance, I said I would meet a realtor to look at a house that was far from the heaviest workload of my day.  It ended up being a waste of gas, time and angst.  Everything about the "house" monstrocity with no actual bedrooms anywhere near bathrooms, seemed was impractical.  I should have set it for a different day, if at all (we had already seen the silly floor plan).  The best part about that whole experience was telling the kind man up-front that this place did not work for us.  No need to make him wonder any longer.

I'm extremely pleased to have said "yes" to my son's request to make dirt dessert (crushed oreos, pudding and cream, and gummy worms) for his end-of-year party.  It meant a great deal to him. He told me he liked it when  I invited his class (who had been studying animals and habitats) to eat some aardvark food.  (Wait, do aardvarks even like worms?)  He told someone today that his favorite part about his whole 2nd grade year (in true boy fashion) was the party today.  He had looked forward to it and said it was even better than he imagined it would be.  It was work, but the reward of his pleasure was worth it!

It was also fun to say "yes" to a dinner invite.  The day was too full, our house packed up to the point of being difficult to cook (even the dishes I used for the dirt dessert are now packed), and, like the hostess said, we could think about something other than the move for a few hours.  It was pleasant and they had good advice for us.

When we got home, we tripped over half-packed boxes and suitcases and rushed to finish more of the things we said "yes" to that we probably shouldn't have.

Remember my saying I became the class parent representative just by being late to the first meeting of the year?  Well, I have been looking forward to that job ending as of today.  Now, I am contemplating taking the position for next year ONLY if another interested parent and I don't have children in the same class next year.  We talked about it.  It could go either way, so I'm still caught between saying "yes" or "no."  Whatever the case, I need to mean what I say and have the wisdom to think it out ahead of time.

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