Friday, June 17, 2011

Malmo's Western Harbor! 1 day: Countdown Malmo to Idaho

People have asked me, "Do you like living at Vastra Hamnen" (Western Harbor)? "It's a rather posh place, isn't it?"

The only thing I can see out the windows are apartments and the narrow street-wide sections of sky.  The people next door are often remodeling with a cement drill loud enough to echo through the apartments connected to it, including this one.  Crowds of people get off of tour buses with their cameras and peer into the windows at us.  I tell people about these things.

But I would be lying if I said I never loved walking only one block to the sea, or one block to the grocery store, or one block to my chiropractor.  I have loved the floor plan of the house--especially that every bedroom has a door and the kitchen is full of cupboards.

We've all loved eating at Vespa Pizza, where they've come to know our names and you can watch the people on the promanade who also love looking at the sparkling sea.  I especially love to visit the coffee shop for a quick chai latte on my way to going for a walk or going back home to do housework.

They say Swedes live for summer.  From here, I can see why.   The sky is near, the green park so close to the white sandy beaches surrounding the sparkle of water under the midnight sun--it's possible to forget that nine months of wind and cold ever really happened.  This place is a little piece of heaven.  If you tour Malmo, you have to come here on purpose.  I highly recommend the side trip.

Two things we did right on this big packing day:  We took a nap midway through the day, and we ate at Vespa looking out over the sea.  The packing and cleaning are hardly part of the memory.

To my friends in Idaho, see you soon!  To my Malmo friends, see you in two months!

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