Monday, June 13, 2011

Gotta Love These Northern Places! 5 days: countdown Malmo to Idaho

Don't ask me how this works, but I've had time to pack like a mad(wo)man, make a complete mess of the house, get ready for the end-of-year party for my son's class (including goodie bags), and still have time to watch a movie.

Maybe you've already seen "Into the Wild" about a college graduate named Christopher who went on the quest of a lifetime to explore the West, especially Alaska.  The scenery is fabulous, the cinematography well done without being pretentious, and the storyline nearly perfect.  The ending isn't what I would choose, (spoiler warning, I tell the end of the story, nevertheless this movie is a must see!)  but you can't choose the ending in a biography, especially if it is a biography honoring someone who dies.

What's strange is that I remember hearing about someone who was found dead in an old bus north of Fairbanks only a short while before I moved to Fairbanks as Phil's new wife.  Now, I am grateful to have heard the real story more completely.  If there's a book, I want to read that, too!

This movie is a thriller without being fast.  If you're not used to contemplative movies, you'll be bored within the first 10 minutes (as my son was).  It's for the thinker, reader, beauty lover.

Last summer I watched "Grizzly Man," which completely gripped me for a few weeks.  It wouldn't be difficult to compare these movies except that "Grizzly Man" had a heavy art/movie production-producer angle that "Into the Wild" doesn't have.  Besides, they are from two completely different personality viewpoints.

As you might have figured out already, I'm in love with northern places.  It's not just about the places, either, but what the extremes of such places do to the character of those who encounter such places.  Like Thomas Hardy (a classic author), I believe a place often demonstrates aspects of the human condition.  Some people are not connected to "place," but I'm in the camp of those who are.

I could go on, but I would bore you.  I'm boring myself!  See the movie if you haven't!

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