Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blixt och Dunder! 10 Days: Countdown Malmo to Idaho

During a five day weekend, including Swedish National Day, the weather was so splendid that the beaches, ice cream parlors, highways and touring sites swamped with people in summer clothing.  Even today, after we packed a load and took it to storage then helped someone else move from one apartment to another, we took advantage of the weather.  We biked, stood in a sweating line to get ice cream, and had a barbeque.

Funny.  Now it is all pouring rain, lightning (blixt) and thunder!  (this was written Monday, June 6, but I had trouble posting.  Today, Wednesday, the weather was fine, but raining and thunder again.)

Great days!  Great fun!

I hope you are having fun, too!

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