Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Bid! 3 days: Countdown Malmo to Idaho

It was a sleep-in day today.  The worst part about that is the rest of the day got completely away from me so that I have been unfruitful when it comes to packing, but have enjoyed some time with good acquaintances whose companies are moving them away from Malmo (all are going back to their home countries).

It is a Swedish custom to have a farewell church service at the close of the school year.  We have missed the last two for mostly stupid reasons (always packing to go back home).  Hunter and I attended today, however, and it was a very special event.  It is much like the American Baccalaureate, only for children in elementary and middle school.  It is held in a church, the priest begins and ends the service, and there are musical presentations by different age levels, as well as awards, certificates and speeches.  I am told that the past few years have been in both Swedish and English, but this year the ceremonies were separated so that the one we attended was in English only.

We took one of Hunter's friends home for the remainder of the day until the two of them had a farewell party to attend.  During that time, I received word back on our bid for a special kind of farmhouse in the country. The counter offer was acceptable.  This made my day and I felt at peace.  Praise songs to the Lord went through my head.  How to interpret these responses, I have no idea, but they are very nice for a stressed out woman standing among boxes in her soon-not-to-be-hers-kitchen while two boys make sounds like banshees from upstairs.

Offer? you read.  Where are you talking, now, Sweden or Idaho?  Well, I have not officially told you about this, so I guess it is time.

We feel the Lord asking us to move to Sweden semi-permanently. We are looking for a house to buy.  It will only be the second house we've ever owned and it will not be in the U.S, which is alarming for newby adventurers like us. 

Not only is the idea of owning land overseas alarming,  but of not having sold our house in Idaho yet, and not knowing how we will do it in the current economy, housing market, or time allotted for getting it done.  We have accumulated so much STUFF!

My friend reminded me of the phrase, "living on a wing and a prayer."  Sounds like us, right now.  We have nothing else!

We will look at one more house tomorrow night after we've packed everything else up and begun cleaning this apartment.  Then we will most likely pounce on the counter offer.  Unless, of course, The Lord shows us otherwise.  We made so many unwise decisions with our first (and beloved) house that we are shy about "leaning on our own understanding."

So much to do, so little sleep.  Pray for us, if you're into that kind of thing--and resolve to stay friends, no matter where we're off to--okay?!!

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Teri said...

Gulp...what a BIG surprise, but with each post you've clearly embraced your Swedish community and I have no doubt your faith will sustain you. This means, however, that you will have to continue updating your blog because the daily words have been awesome.

My brother once commented on a move hubby and I were making when I was apprehensive and I will paraphrase here: Water that stands still is unpleasant, becoming murky and foul. This move stirs the waters in a big way. It's a warrior decision. Go forth. No regrets.

May God bless you abundantly as you begin this new adventure.