Friday, May 27, 2011

Rich Mullins and the Zoo, Day 23: Countdown from Malmo to Idaho

A bus load of 2nd Graders on the way to the Skane Djurpark (Zoo), my kiddo included.

Momma Bear and three nursing cubs

Wind turbines in a field of "Raps"

Hmmm.  Today I have to pick between a bus-load of 2nd Graders, bears (and other northern animals), fields of yellow "Raps," and the devotional book I've been reading.

But I would have to say that the book I picked up for my smartphone kindle application, "Rich Mullins:  A Devotional Biography: An Arrow Pointing to Heaven," makes me happiest.  That I was on the bus with 2nd Graders on the way to see a zoo-full of northern animals with raps fields passing along the way adds to the joy of reading such a book.

Favorite quote from the book:
God has called us to be lovers and we frequently think that He meant us to be saviors.  Se we "love" as long as we see "results."  We give of ourselves as long as our investments pay off, but if the ones we love do not respond, we tend to despair and blame ourselves and even resent those we pretend to love.   Because we love someone, we want them to be free of addictions, of sin, of self--and that is as it should be.  But it might be that our love for them and our desire for their well-being will not make them well.  And, if that is the case, their lack of response no more negates the reality of love than their quickness to respond would confirm it.
 The song Rich Mullins wrote to demonstrate this was "Brother's Keeper."

Now the plumber's got a drip in his spigot
The mechanic's got a clank in his car
And the preacher's thinking thoughts that are wicked
And the lover's got a lonely heart
My friends aint' the way I wish they were
They are just the way they are
I will be my brother's keeper/ Not the one who judges him/I won't depise him for his weakness
I won't regard him for his strength/ I won't take away his freedom/ I will help him learn to stand
And I will, I will be my brother's keeper
 Now this roof has got a few missing shingles
But at least we got ourselves a roof
And they say that she's a fallen angel
I wonder if she recalls when she last flew
There's no point in pointing fingers
Unless you're pointing to the truth

Got me thinking.  Puts me in an uncomfortable place--because I haven't been so loving always, if ever.  Lord have mercy on me!  But knowing I've got a ways to go, the Lord to help me, and good books to make me thoughtful makes me very happy!

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