Sunday, May 29, 2011

Daughters and True Friends! Day 21: Countdown Malmo to Idaho

My countdown is messed up because I accidentally skipped Saturday.  Saturday was the birthday of my beautiful second daughter.  She is definitely someone I am happy to know and love.  We sang to her just minutes into her birthday.

Saturday I was extremely weary from the day before and Phil had me packing things up for moving out of this apartment near the sea (the owners come back in August).  The longer I packed, the sadder I became.  I realized I kind of liked it here, that I haven't yet done everything there is to do here so that my work went slower and slower the bluer I got.

After packing and delivering the boxes to some kindly friends' house, we watched "The Terminal" with Tom Hanks.  It felt all too possible for those of us who have spent layovers in the airport. I wasn't sure if it lightened my mood or not.

Oh, and it was pouring rain outside (as it is now, on Sunday).

We decided to go for a walk in the rain.  We weren't prepared for how soaked and cold we would get, walking in the rain along the sea.  But we walked, anyway.

Hunter collected rocks from the sand that reminded him of gold so that he proceeded to ask every question about recognizing, mining, selling and finding gold he could think of until we were weary of the whole subject.  We told him he needed to check out a book on the subject if he was so interested in it.

We tried entering one restaurant for a quick dessert only to discover everyone was dressed as if for a wedding surrounding a table piled with gifts.  We looked like drenched monks in our rain coats, so we turned back down a long pier toward shore where we found another restaurant.  By the time we entered, Phil had accepted the prospect of having to pay for a shared dessert, but was surprised when I said I wanted a steak.

Mind you, this was nearly nine in the evening (not dark yet except for the rain).

We shared a steak, dessert and some deep conversation, paid the bill then walked a different route home than along the sea shore.  This tree-lined path was full of the perfume from said flowering trees.  We wound our way around goose-poop mines.  By the time we got home, we were all tired enough to sleep, so I neglected to write.

Today started sunny but cool turning to rain.  We had a great service with Pastor Terry preaching, then came home to prepare for dinner with our friends and their baby boy.

We never ran out of things to talk about.  We ate until we were stuffed. Time with true friends in Sweden makes me very happy, because it reminds us we are not alone in this world--or stuck in an airport!

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