Monday, May 30, 2011

Color and Coffee! 20 Days: Countdown from Malmo to Idaho

  I hate going grocery shopping so much that when I discovered we were out of sugar, I opted to scrape sugar cubes together to get the effect I wanted on the top of another rhubarb pie.  See the crumby mess I made?  Oh, but I digress.  This is not about my hates!

See this cup and saucer?  This is the very thing that got me started wanting to share with you what makes me happy.   It is an old IKEA design, but I bought two of these at a thrift store and they have been making me happy since.  The rest of my mugs are plain white.  My fancy china cups (which also make me happy and were purchased at a thrift store) are white with gold rims.  So when I want to brighten my day or invite someone over for tea, I use these cups.  Inevitably, they are enjoyed by the other person, too.  They are big enough for a cup and a half of tea or coffee, which is just long enough to share stories about the day. Combine drinking something warm out of these cups and Bible Study or prayer and it's an even happier event!

It is common to meet someone for coffee at a konditori (sweet bakery) or cafe' in Sweden. But coffee or tea with someone in their own home is most special.  Most women have special cups to share for one-on-one fika (tea time).  During the art round, one of the homes I stopped to look at art also offered fika at the kitchen table.  There were quite a few of us around that table and it made us enjoy time with such a generous artist that much more!

Here's to what brightens your life, warms your heart and makes you happy in simple ways.  (Clink)

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Teri Weber said...

How special I feel to have sat at your table sharing a cup of tea.
Particularly loved the last line of this post and the auditory cue.
Look forward to sharing another cup of tea when you return to Idaho.