Thursday, April 7, 2011

Villanelle for an April Day on the City Streets

Never mind a Cadillac, mom’s got to have a pram
Buses and Trains make room, so should you,
Since there are too many cars and traffic jams.

Put the baby in buntings and warm p’jam’s
Mom’s layered over tights, wool coat, big scarf, tall boots
Never mind Volvo, Mercedes, BMW; mom’s got her pram

While Mama walks, baby sleeps like a lamb,
Sleeps in the fresh air, ‘midst exhaust and horn toots,
Next to you in your car waiting in traffic jams.

Rush into a building behind a mom with a pram
You’ll have to wait as she pauses, adjusts zippers and coos
 “Never mind, darling, you’re in your mother’s black pram!”

Wind and rain die down, sun feels warm as it can,
She calls three new mothers, saying, “how about you?
Want to worry some cars, and form a four pram jam?”  

Their answer is proven by the evidence, yes ma’am,
All four of them brush past bikes, pedestrians, and you.
Never mind age or privilege, those moms have their prams.
There are too many people, worse than a traffic jam!

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