Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sowing Seed-Words

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Every seed contains its own power
To grow.  The Word of God is a seed.

Soil preparation is the farmer's responsibility--
Neat rows are not required. Scatter

Words as seeds--on pathways, beside
The road, among other plants, on fertile

Soil.  Wait!  Sun, water, sprout, scatter:
Seeds are words, birds watch pathways,

Weeds may pose as the entertainment
Industry or entwine the purchase

Made with a credit card.  Rocks
Make good incubators but bad

Greenhouses.  Don't pull weeds, but
let them grow up with the good plant

Otherwise the good plant may be pulled
Up with the bad.  A plant hears the lull

Or is one who hears the Word with
A certain kind of dirt.  "Dirt don't hurt,"

Is the hope of the farmer, who longs
For sweet fruit with a long shelf life;

Fruit grown from vine grafts into a person
Who is the Word, Who is the tiny seed

One can put faith in, placed in the dirt,
That makes a mountain movable,

That sinister birds snatch. Who is
The farmer?  What crop is planted?

Who tends the fields?  What size tree
grows from that microscopic seed?

Whose Word seeds whose unpredictable
soil?  Does one need to know how to read?

        *  *  *  *   *   *

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