Saturday, April 23, 2011

And He Thought of It Long Before Easter

A note popped up reminding of Easter
In my e-mail.  It’s time to send cyber
Cards to our loved ones simply because there
Is no longer time to write a full letter.

It’s true!  A goodie box to my daughters
Will deliver up to ten days from here,
Thoughtfully packed up the evening before
Easter.  On arrival what will they think of mere

Nonsense after the fact, when, of two, neither
One cares what happened to a kind healer,
A sandal-wearing, int’resting teacher
Who died two thousand years ago either

Buried in one much disputed grave or
Another.   As a child of a preacher,
The connection between chickens and hare
And the eggs they share, sought by young ones where

Some weary parents hid them to keep their
Belief in tall tales, escapes this reader’s
Suspension of disbelief.  The Author
Of mankind’s story, I would rather

believe, had planned to become much lower
Than the angels to pay what we debtors
Could not pay with our lives.  He said, “Father,
forgive them, they don’t know what they do.” For

Us he died and in three days he appeared—
Alive, undaunted, an answer to prayers
Long prayed in the past, for hundreds of years--
Now by those who forget about Easter!

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