Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Wonderments

Today the wind is so strong that I've seen it nearly thrust bicyclists into trees and other people. Most of the folks riding bikes today have had to spend more time than usual walking their bikes. Walking requires a sense of needing to lean on the wind or be transported. Even the thinnest slack of fabric on your clothing becomes a billowing flag.

It was difficult to sleep through bursts of wind in the nice. It sounded as if outdoor furniture and dormant plants in pots were being thrown against every surface and that the roof would soon fly off. We don't sleep through such weather very well. Our imaginations won't let us--we're too aware of the news in other parts of the world!

When we went to bed last night, we mused about an "upcoming storm" mentioned by our landlady. We looked at our little "weathermen," called "Android Global," for some sign of such weather. We saw no warnings. The landlady told us her family enjoys the spectacle and feel of such winds, going for a walk, feeling the spray of the waves crashing and splashing against the pier, then "ducking into a nearby coffee shop for warm chocolate."

The idea would never have occurred to us! But turning a wind storm into romance is just my idea of fun (provided we're not talking cyclones or tornadoes)! But we were already asleep when the storm began, so we couldn't try the new trick. Instead, after my husband had walked to work and I had dropped my son off at school, switched some laundry around and checked e-mail, I walked a short distance toward the coffee shop, shot some photos of the waves and darted in much sooner than the landlady suggested.

It was enough. I'll be trying this again, but this time with my family so we can fall into coffee house seats together, breathless, and marvel that they have to lock the door behind us to keep it from flying open!