Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's About Time! God Forsattning (or may your year continue well)!

It has been eight months since I last posted anything. This is a bad trend for one who sometimes hopes someone will pick up on well written prose. Sigh. Such is the life of the undisciplined writer.

Don't worry about me, either. I'm no longer mourning the loss of the little one in March. In fact, it has been a relief not to be dandling a fussy baby of my own during these years of cross Atlantic living. Raising a busy seven year old, marrying off one daughter and cheering on the college- attending daughter is quite enough for me.

My eight month silence had more to do with a frenetic schedule in the U.S., a time of being available for family, getting in on conferences and attempting to organize a home filled with years of neglect. Please forgive my blithe absence (since I was having a blast)!

My goal for this year is to share more bewonderments without worrying so much about chronology. Economics are a major concern for most of us, no matter where we read our blogs around the world. There is still life to be savored, albeit with less cash, but in no way without delectable extravagance.

For now, suffice this message to say that we are back in Sweden, enjoying the blessing of a warm house during a cold and (wonderfully) snowy winter in Malmo. In October we feared not finding a place to live.

Phil had been in Sweden for several weeks, staying at the same farm we have stayed on and off for the last two years. On his last day, he was informed that the house we had reserved on the farm would not be available during the time we needed it. Of course, he called me in The States to deliver the news, leaving me with a throb in my head and my heart in my feet.

The Sunday before, I had heard a sermon on Matthew 6:7-8 "...your Father knows what you need before you ask him." When I hung up the phone I said, as if God sat on the overstuffed chair in my office, "Okay, I'm not going to worry about this, because you know exactly what we need," and I left the room.

The next day, while I was quickly checking my e-mail before going thrift shopping with my daughter, an e-mail popped up from the American Women's club in Malmo about a house for rent for a limited time. Though my daughter was calling up the stairs to me, "Mom! Are you coming?," I quickly typed out a reply. That was the beginning of an amazing exchange of trusting emails that has landed us in one of the most fun places to live in Malmo city!

The Lord sure did know what we needed. We are only a mile from the new office building Phil works in, and only slightly farther from Hunter's school. Everything is within either walking distance or easy bus travel. After a few years commuting from the country, this is going to be a real change (and a treat!). We are only a block from the sea and the renowned Turning Torso.

So, I've left out wedding details. Stay tuned.