Monday, November 3, 2008


Sure enough, I'm out snooping for adventure. Some of you might have wondered if such was the case after such a long time between entries. (Do I wax poetical if I say, "such a long silence?")

Today's adventure was getting to mow a portion of the lawn at Fridhems Gard in Rang, Sweden, where we are renting a small flat from a business called, "Three Lily Buds" (after a painting by one of the partners). The air was fall-cool, the sky alive with the honking and quacking of migrating birds, and the landloard out on a smallish tractor grating the driveway gravel (into nice, Japanese gardenesque rows) and beginning to mow the lawn. When he saw me in the window, he stopped mowing to come and ring the doorbell because I had requested he look at a few things in our flat. By the end of our figuring out why certain heaters and lights didn't work, I found myself offering to mow and his answering with a pleased, "why not?"

Just as he said, the steering was hard--like driving an old rig with no power steering--and the tractor, heavy. But I was having so much fun that I eventually quit mowing long enough to drag my son from a favorite morning cartoon on the television. He was crying and complaining, but once he was seated with me on the tractor, he was soon complaining that he was not also driving.

That did the trick. We were able to spend a glorious hour enjoying a beautiful fall day under a not-too-cool streaked sky, first on the mower, then on our bicycles. From there, the day only got better, though we did the usual things like going to barntimna at the Stora Hammar Kyrkahus for child-play, singing and fika as well as getting a few groceries for dinner.

We also spent some time writing letters and reading them. I told Phil that I get mommy-points for this.

We watched the landlord take off in his piper cub, just outside our window, fly overhead and eventually come back. He parked his airplane next to our car, just for effect, and we loved it.

But that is a normal day. Few of our days back in Sweden have been normal or even all in Sweden!

The next few posts, which I find difficult to compose with so many wonderful distractions outside the house window, will be about more adventures--great and small.

Tell me about yours! Write me a note. Something outside your window may have called you out of the house and doing what you didn't expect to do in a day.

And, may your voting (U.S.A., Nov. 4, 2008) be heartfelt and the results be something we all choose to live with graciously!

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