Monday, January 21, 2008

Part 3: Israel, Day 2-- --Photos and short captions only

***The Church of the Transfiguration*** Inside,the minister has just finished communion. The group responds by singing in perfect harmony. Accoustics and harmony give me
happy chills.

The Sea of Galilee
or The Kenneret, as the Hebrews prefer.
It was an overcast, even misty/foggy day.

I figured that if Jesus could be seen walking
on the water, emerging from a fog, I souldn't
be picky about the color of the sky!

The Jordan River at a Kibbutz
which has decided to make its
aim to provide a place for
those who want to be baptized
in the Jordan River. There are
few other places with access for the thousands of people who come for this purpose every year. I took one serene photo without all the baptizing paraphernalia.Note the swooping white birds (Seagulls)! Hunter with our guide, feeding bread to the non-kosher catfish in the water.
Here is a photo of the area where thousands of people don white robes to be baptized en mass. Phil said he was there when hundreds of others were there; he would have
preferred the serene scene Hunter and I saw. But it was winter and though much warmer than Sweden or Idaho in the US, it was still a bit brisk for a dip in the Jordan! The truth is that the water was brown, FULL of catfish and I preferred remembering my baptism in the clear, clean waters of the Columbia River!

The escorted tour was a gift completely paid for by the President of Crow, Inc. (the place manufacturing what Phil is helping design), to whom I am forever grateful. Also provided was a meal of true "Oriental" food--including "St. Peter's fish."

Mt. of the Beatitudes. One of the places I most wanted to see. Also the most difficult to get a sense of sitting on the mountainside listening to Jesus tell his parables. Above the sign, you can see the rolling hills--how easy it would be to sit there. According to our tour guide, the acoustics on the hills are such that a person may speak plainly in normal voice and be easily heard from a distance in the open air.

Tabgah--where Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish. The rock under this marble table is aged--as is the mosaic. It was in this church that I saw a woman use the holy water to pat her hair down. She just smiled when she realized I saw her, I nearly burst out laughing.

An attempted night shot overlooking Haifa from Mt. Carmel (a very ritzy neighborhood).