Monday, January 7, 2008

First Days in Sweden Part 1, Day 4

~Tuesday~Day 4~

Hunter had slipped between us in the night, kicking and tossing enough to make sure none of us slept deeply. After awhile I put him back in his own bed, where he slept long enough for Phil and me to fumble through the morning quietly.

Phil took the car to work because he had some heavy things to bring home from the city. I was secretly disappointed to have no car because I wanted to visit the swans and fishing boats at the seaside with Hunter. But when Hunter awoke, he was vomiting.

Of course the landlady called to give me the church phone number during one of these repeated episodes and wanted to talk awhile. Sigh. When she finally understood that Hunter was ill, she was worried about her family and the rest of the village because “these things can be very dangerous for families.” I figured she meant contagious and reassured her we wouldn’t try to get Oscar and Hunter together until Hunter was well.

He continued this way for a good half of the day, crying that he was hungry and tired of being sick. I was tired of it, too, but we endured by watching cartoons in Swedish voiced-over English. Miraculously, Hunter was well by 12:30 pm. He wanted to go for a walk to the bakery, and I wanted to get out of the house. I figured the fresh air wouldn’t hurt and we took off.

The walk from our house to the village is so close, that we may not be able to justify driving for very many reasons. The road is narrow, however, and the walkway so close that I sometimes worry that my running child could fall into the road. We’re working on manageable solutions.

At the bakery, Hunter discovered a cake that he hopes we will buy for his birthday. He also enjoyed buying bread with the thought of actually eating it! It was good to see him back to his normal self and wonderful to be walking around in a quaint little village instead of being cooped up in the house.

When we got home, the meal in the oven smelled great and it was almost time for Phil to be home. Everything was as if we were back home in Hayden: Eat dinner, clean up while Phil putters around in his office and Hunter alternates his time between us (only without the long walk across the yard).

We could count on Phil to bring good news in with him after work (I don’t know why that is, but it is often true). This time it was that he would be heading for Tel Aviv, Israel to check out a product, that he had been urged to stay over that weekend and that he intended to take us with him. Honestly, I’ll believe I’m going to Israel when I see the paid itinerary. How does one “walk where Jesus walked” in only a weekend? Phil says, “by seeing Jerusalem only.” Oh.

The whole thing—Sweden and its language, Hunter’s illness, trying to find a routine and thinking about possibly taking another international leap—is exhausting. Sleep usually calls.

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